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[Shortnews] – Motorola Milestone rooted

Posted in Android, GNU/Linux/FLOSS, Milestone, Technology with tags , , , , , , , , , on 19. Januar 2010 by bausparfuchs

Better late than never,  I can tell you that some great guys rooted the milestone yesterday evening.  Here is just a mirror link for the *.zip file (rename to Unfortunately I have almost no time to blog more these days. But I want to do a bilingual guide for setting up VPNC  on the rooted stone.  There are a lot of people around on ##motorolamilestone on Freenode More content to come later…..


My personal Motorola Milestone/Droid/Android Bug List [Update]

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Maybe some of you have read that I bought a Motorola Milestone. A larger Review is supposed to be here in the next days. But today, as I just discovered an other one of those annoying small bugs issues I decided to quick-and-dirty put a list online to collect my bugs (probably we should better call it „issues“) that I’m interested to get fixed. I hope I could collect a Link to the related Google Developer Group for each issue, where the Issue is discussed (if it is android and not Motorola related).

Feel free to help me on that project by giving me Links in the  Comments.


  1. No possibility to send an eMail from various addresses that are configured on Web: You’re not able to send an E-Mail with Google Mail using one of the other addresses you may have added to the Gmail web interface. There is simply that small drop down list field missing, which is there in the Web application. That field doesn’t appear either if you try to use Gmail from the android browser.
    There is a discussion on Google Help about that.
  2. Google Mail is not able to give you a notification about mails that skip the Inbox: I use 4 labels on my Gmail account to sort the mails which I get on my various addresses. Those Mails skip the Inbox and get the label directly. Though Gmail is aware of them since they are displayed as unread under the labels, it gives you no notification that you have no mail. There is an open Issue about that on google code.
  3. This list is not complete yet…

I will add more content as soon as I can handle it.